Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Quilt of Urban Images

Forget the red barns and the green pastures.

I live in the inner city... in a town with no zoning. We're wildcatters here in Texas, and we don't take kindly to too many rules.

So for us Houstonians, that means life in the city is both eclectic and gritty, clean and messy, with less traffic and more potholes.

But best of all, no zoning means we have plenty of open space for art... but only if you keep your eye open.

For years I've wanted to quilt these images. So here goes... I'm starting a collection of drive-by art.

We'll start with two tall Texans...

The beer can house... a classic Houston icon!

And the big red chicken to lead the way home...

My collection will eventually become a "Quilt of Urban Images." I'm envisioning it to be about  6 or 7 feet long, maybe15 inches high... with panels featuring the funkiest, most colorful and most eclectic images.

Should only take about a year or so.  Any thoughts? Ideas? Contributions?

All of the "drive by's" were photographed by me in and around my neighborhood.  More to come...