About Me

Teresa Wong
Blogger. Quilter. Entrepreneur.

I first learned how to make art with a needle and thread from Mrs. Holly. I was in second grade and was lucky enough to live across the street from her and outgoing enough to traipse over there often. Thankfully, she took me in! Fast forward a couple decades, and another lucky real estate choice put me down the street from Mrs. G. - who also took me in and taught me that quilts are art too!

Since then, I've made stacks and stacks of quilts. I dream about quilts. And quilts are the first thing I think about when I wake up.

When I'm not quilting, "the husband" and I love to travel. And where ever we go, I usually find some quilt store or art or textile museum to visit. In fact, I have a homing device for quilts stores the same way a shopaholic is drawn to Bloomingdales. Okay, actually, I love Bloomingdales too.  But that's another story.  I also love Classical music and jazz, and I'm a big football fan... but that is definitely another story. I'm from Texas, after all.

Professional Background:
  • First job out of college: TV news photographer, and later a journalist
  • Next stop: public relations at some mid-size organizations
  • "Free spirit" time:  several years as a freelance writer
  • Most fun job ever: (and ironically lowest paying) publisher of an art magazine
  • The Fortune 500 decades: five stops, five different Fortune 500 companies, bigger and bigger titles and tons and tons of stress to go along with them
  • Finally: I've dropped out of corporate America to, well... quilt and blog.  I'm pursuing a Master's in Liberal Studies at Rice University (almost done!). And I plan to do some corporate consulting here and there in between.