Saturday, August 17, 2013

An artist lives here

My quilt buddy, Amy G., is the real deal. A true artist. And like most artists, her sewing studio is a creative expression of her ideas.

We've been friends for nearly two decades and we often go out and about for fun and she’s always picking up old stuff and buying it. (I’ve not always been kind to this stuff. In fact, I sometimes call it bad words, like “crap” and worse…)  I’m always thinking, what in the hell will you do with that? 
Well, here’s one answer.
The pin cushion she made! (And no, she does not have an Etsy shop, or an interior design business, not that I haven't tried!) The ceramic piece, the jars, shelves... all stuff she finds.
Amy G. was kind enough to let me and my camera in her space this morning.
Readers, I hope you enjoy the visual feast!
And Amy G., thanks for allowing me to delay your walk in the park... and thanks for always inspiring me!